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  1. ISS-1103_200811.pdf

    complete this form. This person is referred to as the applicant. Documents you need to provide ... of the amalgamation. Returning the form The form and the required documents can be returned either by email, fax ... or post. To email the documents, you will need to scan them first. Email Fax 02 6133 8080

    Available at: Application for registration (amalgamated corporation)

    Created: 24 June 2013

  2. Letter- Statement of expectations

    accountability, both of these documents will be made public. This statement will be reviewed as circumstances ... service charter and other publicly available documents. I note that with the introduction of the CATSI

    Created: 17 October 2013

  3. EXAMPLE_BSO_Durri_positiondescselection.doc

    Achievement of Program KPIs 2. Administration, Records Coordination and Documentation Assisting ... templates, preparing documentation and scheduling appointments. Supporting the Business Service Manager

    Available at: Business support officer

    Created: 13 June 2013

  4. February 2010: Good record keeping

    and former members and applications for membership a copy of all documents lodged with the Registrar ... It is also important to put documents that belong together in a folder or file to help you find them again. ... their financial records at their document access address. Other records for special circumstances Corporations

    Created: 20 June 2013

  5. JOB2013-07_ICN3623_CEO_Ad.doc

    relevant documents and information are attached; ensure the application is signed and dated and include ... support to ensure the viability of the Corporation. Analysing and reporting on statements and documents ... necessary documentation. A satisfactory Criminal Record check on the prospective applicant. Confirmation

    Available at: Chief executive officer

    Created: 15 November 2013

  6. JOB2013-10_ICN21_GIS_specialist.pdf

    the classification, access and visualization of data and documents that support the effective management of: ... such as SharePoint 2103, testing, documentation and training 2. Contribute innovative thinking to GIS and broader

    Available at: GIS specialist

    Created: 19 November 2013

  7. Changing rules

    them as long as they meet the CATSI Act requirements. A rule book is an important document which must ... copies of the draft rule book available at your corporation’s document access address or registered

    Created: 6 June 2013

  8. EXAMPLE_BK_Durri_positiondescselection.doc

    of the organisation DURRI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION MEDICAL SERVICES SELECTION CRITERIA FORM – BOOKKEEPER This document ... criteria document forms part of the selection process, and applications that do not attach this document

    Available at: Bookkeeper

    Created: 13 June 2013

  9. Forms for registering

    that in many cases, we offer templates for the documents you need. Apply online The simplest way to register

    Created: 6 June 2013

  10. Disqualified persons and officers

    of the relevant notice, order of the court or other document relating to a disqualification or any exemption

    Created: 6 June 2013