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  1. 17_0079_Dispute-resolution_web-A4.pdf

    please see Policy statement 22: Disputes involving corporaƟ ons at   © C om m on w ea ... the corporaƟ on holds land 6. the corporaƟ on has a large number of members 7. there is a public interest ... rule book on the ORIC website? Use ‘Search for a corporaƟ on’ (this searches the public register), put

    Available at: Dispute resolution

    Created: 17 September 2017

  2. About this report

    Islander corporations in audited financial statements and general reports lodged with the Registrar

    Created: 13 November 2017

  3. ORICMR1718-13_BRADAAG-end-of-special-admin_v1-0.pdf

    and the community to strengthen governance, financial arrangements, and operational policies and procedures.

    Available at: Barkly Region facility rehabilitated

    Created: 13 November 2017

  4. Top500_2015-16.pdf

    Islander corporations in audited fi nancial statements and general reports lodged with the Registrar ... to total income as reported in corporations’ audited fi nancial statements or general reports. This may ... either not lodged their 2015–16 fi nancial statements or the reports they lodged did not include fi

    Available at: The top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations 2015–16

    Created: 17 November 2017

  5. 17_0089_Factsheet_Members-rights_web_A3.pdf

    the audited fi nancial statements. A general meeƟ ng can be held at any Ɵ me of the year. This is a good Ɵ me ... to defend their case to members in two ways—by giving the corporaƟ on a wriƩ en statement for circulaƟ ... report. Note: small corporaƟ ons may not produce audited fi nancial statements. Such a request must

    Available at: Members' rights

    Created: 17 September 2017

  6. Manager, Indigenous art

    and aware of upcoming prospects for their work across exhibitions, competitions, public art projects,

    Created: 7 November 2017

  7. 14_0171_FACT SHEET_corporation_size_and_reporting_v2-0_web.pdf

    relevant auditor’s report • an income and expenditure statement and a balance sheet disclosing any income, ... d by O RI C M ay 2 01 5 (1 4_ 01 71) Financial report A financial report contains: • financial statements ... for the financial year • notes to the financial statements (as required by the accounting standards). CATSI Act

    Available at: Corporation size and reporting

    Created: 2 May 2016

  8. Indigenous station owners grow their business skills

    2006 that support the growth and development of businesses. For example they have: produced policy

    Spotlight on | Created: 31 August 2017

  9. LawHelp

    legal risks and develop appropriate disclaimers (including for websites, buildings and publications) consumer

    Created: 7 November 2017

  10. MR1718-09_Failure-to-report.pdf

    for deregistration. The matters were prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. The CATSI Act ... Director of Public Prosecutions. ‘Failing to lodge annual reports jeopardises the corporation,’ said Mr ... is functioning as it should be. Each report also contributes to the authority and integrity of the public

    Available at: Failure to report leads to fines of $8,600

    Created: 26 October 2017