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  1. ORIC-Oracle_Managing-membership_Feb-2018.pdf

    In 2017, FWCAC lodged no fewer than five updates to its members list to ORIC. FWCAC also takes great care ... a newsletter for members and other interested parties to stay in touch. Some use their website or social media ... December 2017. The Registrar may take legal action against your corporation if you do not lodge your

    Available at: Managing your membership

    Created: 19 February 2018

  2. About ORIC

    directed by a strategic plan and a corporate plan. The current versions cover the period 2017–20. Our ... 2017 Minister Nigel Scullion announced additional funding of $4 million for ORIC. The funding is spread ... across four years from 1 July 2017 and will bolster ORIC’s work in supporting and regulating Aboriginal

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  3. Former CEO of Wagga medical service found guilty and convicted

    Director of Public Prosecutions. Background See the Registrar’s previous media release of 8 August 2016 ... (MR1617-04). Media contact Lisa Hugg (02) 6146 4738 ORIC MR1718-14 22 November 2017

    Media Release | Created: 22 November 2017

  4. Highlights

    in Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt) Half of all web visitors search the public register, i.e. do a ‘search

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  5. ORIC yearbook 2014–15: Performance reporting | Communications

    of publications and resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations and groups. Website ... the public Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations, the Register of Disqualified ... themselves they wish to make public and at any time can edit what they post. When a potential match is found

    Other publication | Created: 14 October 2015

  6. Performance reporting

    governance and trust in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector—our outcomes. In May 2017 ORIC ... published a corporate plan for the period 2017–20, which includes a roadmap for addressing six strategic ... initiatives. Goals for the period February to June 2017 were to: form a risk working group and set its terms

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  7. Corporation directors convicted for failing to produce documents

    that prosecution was warranted. On 18 October 2017 the corporation’s directors, Sharon Anderson, Rae Fernando, ... needed to finalise the investigation. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions prosecuted ... the matter. Media contact Lisa Hugg (02) 6146 4738 ORIC MR1718-07 19 October 2017

    Media Release | Created: 19 October 2017

  8. New graduates in governance

    regulatory function of providing public education. It is designed to support ORIC’s vision for strong ... MR1718-15 23 November 2017

    Media Release | Created: 23 November 2017

  9. YNA-AC_PD_Final.pdf

    • Ensure regular network communications, through YNA website, social media, newsletters or other means, ... 8 December 2017. For further information on this position, please direct enquiries to Tracey White on 0447

    Available at: General Secretary

    Created: 22 November 2017

  10. Accountability

    on 17 March 2017 and was awaiting advice from the OAIC regarding the outcome of its review. Complaints ... of the complaints were resolved by 30 June. The remaining complaint was received verbally on 27 June 2017 ... and written details had not been provided by 30 June 2017. In all cases, the complainant was notified

    Yearbook section | Created: 21 December 2017