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  1. Minutes of annual general meeting

    Healthy Corporation Checklist template

    Other publication | Created: 25 June 2013

  2. Indigenous corporate sector maturing

    $1.08 billion to $1.92 billion average annual revenue growth has been 7.4 per cent employment has grown ... their rate of compliance with reporting obligations has remained above 95 per cent for seven years. Arnhem

    Media Release | Created: 8 November 2017

  3. Investigations and prosecutions

    against 16 corporations which failed to lodge one or more of their annual reports with the Registrar ... minor regulatory prosecutions against corporations that failed to meet their reporting obligations. One ... for failing to lodge corporation reports—various corporations During 2015–16 prosecution action was finalised

    Yearbook section | Created: 28 November 2016

  4. Former CEO of Wagga medical service found guilty and convicted

    Director of Public Prosecutions. Background See the Registrar’s previous media release of 8 August 2016

    Media Release | Created: 22 November 2017

  5. New graduates in governance

    regulatory function of providing public education. It is designed to support ORIC’s vision for strong

    Media Release | Created: 23 November 2017

  6. Sectoral information

    As part of annual reporting under the CATSI Act, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ... the top 500 corporations operated, 2014–15 Note: Six corporations did not report any sector at all. During ... 2014–15, 323 (64.6 per cent) of the top 500 corporations reported that they were active in one sector only

    Top 500 report section | Created: 29 May 2017

  7. Further prosecutions for failure to lodge

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations that failed to lodge their annual reports for the 2013–14 ... Strait Islander) Act 2006 are required to lodge their annual reports with the Registrar by 31 December ... corporations that have failed to lodge their 2014–15 annual reports is underway. Corporations should now

    Media Release | Created: 4 November 2016

  8. 17_0087_External administration statistics_2016-17.pdf

    statistics_2016-17.indd Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporaƟ ons entering external administraƟ on 2016–17 Report ... entering external administration 2016–17 Table 2: External administration appointment types, annual ... leading to appointment of an external administrator, 2016–17 required in the interests of the public

    Available at: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations entering external administration 2016–17

    Created: 31 October 2017

  9. About this report

    This report provides information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations ... registered under the CATSI Act. Data interpretation and limitations When interpreting the data in this report ... Islander corporations in audited financial statements and general reports lodged with the Registrar

    Created: 13 November 2017

  10. Directors

    the publication of the first top 500 report, the average number of directors per corporation has remained ... of directors in their general reports, including their age, name and title—for instance, Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms. ... This report has relied on directors’ titles and first names, as reported in general reports, to identify

    Top 500 report section | Created: 29 May 2017