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  1. Minister for Indigenous Affairs: Acting Registrar of ORIC

    Minister for Indigenous Affairs Senator the Hon. Nigel Scullion Media release Acting Registrar ... of ORIC Release date: 20 December 2017 Mr Joe Mastrolembo has been appointed as Acting Registrar ... and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006, revenue have increased to nearly $2 billion over the past decade

    Media Release | Created: 21 December 2017

  2. The CATSI Act and native title

    Act 2006 (CATSI Act) if they are determined by the Federal Court to hold and manage native title ... corporate (RNTBC). The CATSI Act has tailored provisions for native title and RNTBCs to ensure ... Islander corporations and explaining why some provisions of the CATSI Act have been tailored to avoid

    Created: 6 June 2013

  3. PS-03_Complaints-about-staff-and-contractors_v8-0.pdf

    by the Registrar about the CATSI Act, for example, training materials and fact sheets • privacy issues ... (the CATSI Act) unless otherwise specified. References to corporations in this policy statement ... of statutory functions. These are set out section 658-1 of the CATSI Act and include assisting with complaints

    Available at: PS-03 Complaints and feedback about the Registrar's staff, contractors and services

    Created: 31 July 2014

  4. Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands

    to the CATSI Act in 2016. During the transition, directors were proactive in seeking out all the information ... Corporation transferred its registration from the (Western Australian) Associations Incorporations Act 1979

    Spotlight on | Created: 27 February 2018

  5. About the Registrar

    to administer the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). The Registrar has ... of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC), helps the Registrar administer the CATSI Act and support ... Corporations (this remains the statutory title under the CATSI Act) and the Office of the Registrar

    Created: 6 June 2013

  6. Iconic NT organisation transfers to CATSI

    to transfer to the CATSI Act. ‘We have been thinking about making the move for some time,’ said Aaron ... Territory Associations Act 2003 to the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI ... to the CATSI Act, including: modern legislation that incorporates traditional customs and governance one-on-one

    Media Release | Created: 11 June 2013

  7. About the public register

    register about a corporation registered under the CATSI Act. Information contained in the report includes ... (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) are listed in a register maintained ... a business name, instead of its registered name under the CATSI Act. You can find the trading name

    Created: 6 June 2013

  8. Former CEO of Aboriginal medical service sentenced to jail

    between October 2011 and April 2014. The Acting Registrar, Mr Joe Mastrolembo, said, ‘Ms Lyons was the CEO ... Act 2006. On 21 September 2016, Ms Lyons pleaded not guilty and the matter was heard by the Court ... in April, May and October 2017. For further information about this case please see the Registrar’s media

    Media Release | Created: 12 February 2018

  9. Yearbook2006-07_3_aims+about_44pp.pdf

    campaign about the new CATSI Act. This involves printed materials, such as fact sheets, booklets ... in the CATSI Act which can’t be changed unless corporations get an exemption (for example, rules about ... 2006 (CATSI Act). We aim to deliver our services in a way that takes account of the special needs,

    Available at: ORIC yearbook 2006–07

    Created: 13 June 2013

  10. 17_0081_FACTSHEET--Directors-duties_web_A3spread.pdf

    the CATSI Act or consult a lawyer. The common law (that’s the law developed by judges) imposes special duƟ ... The CATSI Act also imposes duƟ es on directors and other offi cers. Some of these duƟ es overlap. Directors ... to the corporaƟ on’s members—and also to stakeholders. The CATSI Act also extends the scope of some directors’ duƟ

    Available at: Duties of directors and other officers

    Created: 17 September 2017