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  1. Healthy corporation checklist

    and then corporation’s rule book. After you have gone through the checklist, you have the option of printing only ... only those not ticked The checklist Compliance with legislation and the corporation’s rule book ... record if members are not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? Note: check your rule book—only some

    Created: 6 June 2013

  2. 14_0174_Fact sheet CATSI Act vs Corp Act_v2-0.pdf

    in their rule book that allows people who are not members to be directors. However, the majority of directors ... in their corporation. However, the members can include rules in the corporation rule book about how any profits will ... constitution. CATSI Act An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation must have a rule book which,

    Available at: The CATSI Act and the Corporations Act—some differences

    Created: 21 May 2018

  3. 14_0171_FACT SHEET_corporation_size_and_reporting_v2-0_web.pdf

    For more detail see the CATSI Act and your rule book. © C om m on w ea lt h of A us tr al ia 2 00 8, 2 01 ... corporations that receive public funding Exemptions In some circumstances the Registrar may exempt

    Available at: Corporation size and reporting

    Created: 2 May 2016

  4. Fact-sheet_Amalgamation_A4.pdf

    in the proposed rule book. You can use the wording in point 3 of the example minutes on the next page and attach ... members at least 21 days before the meeting. Check your rule book to see if you have other requirements ... Make sure a quorum is present at the general meeting according to your current rule book. 4. Count

    Available at: Amalgamation—information for existing corporations

    Created: 24 July 2018

  5. Fact sheet_Amalgamation_A3spreads.pdf

    overview of the topic. For more detail see the CATSI Act and your rule book. CONTACT ORIC freecall 1800 622 ... of amalgamating corporation] and [insert name of amalgamating corporation] 2. that the proposed rule book provided ... Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) was approved as the rule book to be adopted by the body when

    Available at: Amalgamation—information for existing corporations

    Created: 24 July 2018

  6. Changing rules

    All corporations must have a rule book that sets out the corporation's name, its aims, ... can become a member. The rule book must comply with the CATSI Act. Having a rule book is a requirement ... them as long as they meet the CATSI Act requirements. A rule book is an important document which must

    Created: 6 June 2013

  7. Supporting

    in Kununurra Active discussions, cross-fertilisation of ideas and attention to possible rule book conflicts. ... fact sheets; guides to legislation and reporting; newsletters; templates for rule books, membership ... resources such as model rule books. Table 11: Ten most downloaded fact sheets from Fact sheet

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  8. Freedom to change

    is good news for the public purse, so this corporation is clearly achieving big wins all round. Pastor

    Spotlight on | Created: 5 July 2018

  9. Appointment of proxy

    This form is only required if your corporation's rule book allows proxies. Make sure you adjust ... book—condensed The rule book—info kit ... the template so that it matches your corporation's rules about proxies. For example, who a proxy vote may

    Other publication | Created: 25 June 2013

  10. Independent company secretary

    meetings maintaining the minute book. For more information about the position please refer to the attached

    Created: 9 August 2018