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  1. Registrar's year in review

    the gap. Since the CATSI Act began, in the nine years for which we have data (from 2007–08 to 2015 ... the online public register and the register of disqualified officers were brand new. They’re now a core part ... of our public face, with around half of all web visitors performing a corporation search. As you might

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  2. ORACLE_newsletter_February_2016_v3-2.pdf

    ORACLE_newsletter_February_2016_v3-2.pdf Oracle newsletter-- February 2016 TIME SAVING TIP: Finding ... Community Festival, held in Katherine in August 2015. The festival was hosted and funded by CAAMA Music

    Available at: February 2016: INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS: can add a skill set

    Created: 19 February 2016

  3. Managing your membership

    be important to them. Many corporations produce a newsletter for members and other interested parties to stay ... In 2015 FWCAC introduced a membership card, so that each member could identify themselves as a common law

    Created: 1 February 2018

  4. Accountability

    disclosure log. In 2016–17: 16 FOI requests were made to the Registrar, compared to 66 in 2015–16 26 FOI

    Yearbook section | Created: 21 December 2017

  5. Members

    are suppressed through an exemption) and it is a public document available through the public register. ... ORIC, and we will capture only what is required for your members list on the public register Combined ... (August 2016) General meetings—whose call? (February 2015)

    Created: 23 January 2018

  6. Perth

    subsequently turned their attention to increasing public confidence in the corporation, by strengthening

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  7. Profitability

    of profit-making and loss-making corporations in the top 500, 2007–08 to 2015–16 In 2015–16 the percentage ... 500, 2007–08 to 2015–16 For 2015–16 the value of the average loss and the value of the average profit ... corporations, 2007–08 to 2015–16 Figure 15 shows that the overall profitability of the top 500 corporations has

    Created: 17 November 2017

  8. Sectoral information

    the top 500 corporations operated, 2015–16 During 2015–16, 320 (64.0 per cent) of the top 500 corporations ... to 2015–16 Since 2008–09 the number of corporations in the top 500 that are operating in one sector only has ... consistently been over half. Figure 18: Number of the top 500 corporations per sector, 2015–16 Figure 18 shows

    Created: 17 November 2017

  9. Support services

    Call centre In 2015–16 ORIC received 9040 telephone calls seeking information and advice. ORIC’s ... to 2015–16 Dispute management In 2015–16 ORIC helped to resolve 34 disputes compared to 28 in the previous ... or native title the corporation has a large number of members there is a public interest in resolving

    Yearbook section | Created: 28 November 2016

  10. Overall income

    trusts, philanthropic gifts and other income sources. In 2015–16 the combined income of the top 500 ... to see a decline was 2009–10. Overall income in 2015–16 was more than double the overall income 10 years ... ago—increasing from $865 million in 2005–06 to $1.92 billion in 2015–16 (figure 4). Over the same period

    Created: 14 November 2017