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  1. TheOracle-issue17_May10.pdf

    Shannon Nationally accredited training Subscribe to The ORIC Oracle by emailing ISBN: ... TheOracle-issue17_May10.pdf May 2010 All aboard ORIC training ORIC ORIC offers training to help ... ORIC’s Introduction to Corporate Governance workshop or the Building Strong Stores workshop, and have

    Available at: May 2010: All aboard ORIC training

    Created: 19 June 2013

  2. Oracle newsletter, November 2015: Complaints and how to manage them (centrespread)

    rule) Before making a complaint to ORIC, try to sort it out with your corporation. freecall: 1800 622 ... newsletter ORIC Oracle November 2015: Complaints and how to manage them. ... outcome are you after? Check your rule book for guidance Complainant: make your complaint Contact your

    Other publication | Created: 13 November 2015

  3. May 2015: Choosing your directors

    (AGM)—but there are exceptions so check your rule book. Some corporations appoint their board of directors ... service on the ORIC website You’ll soon be able to find and appoint your own independent directors ... by looking through the Registrar’s independent directory at Just list your corporation’s

    Created: 8 May 2015

  4. 16_0043_ORIC_yearbook_2015-16_v1-0_(info).pdf

    2016 February 2016January 2016 66 | Yearbook 2015–16 ORIC Oracle newsletter The ORIC Oracle newsletter ... 2016). The ORIC Oracle newsletter communicates practical information to corporations (its target ... chose to receive the ORIC Oracle by electronic means. Both html and pdf versions of each edition

    Available at: Information and resources

    Created: 29 November 2016

  5. About

    administrators. The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) provides support to corporations ... to strengthen their corporate governance, and conducts research. ORIC supports corporations by: advising on how ... all clients and stakeholders about the work of ORIC. ORIC has also contributed to the 2016–17 annual

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  6. Oracle_newsletter--separation-of-powers_Nov_2014_72dpi.pdf

    it comes to their role. In this edition of the ORIC Oracle we look at the differences between the roles ... for the right occasion’. REMINDERS! HAVE YOU CALLED YOUR AGM? All corporations must hold an annual general ... meeting (AGM) before 30 November Time is running out to lodge your 2013–14 reports Reports must be lodged

    Available at: November 2014: Separation of roles

    Created: 20 November 2014

  7. Registrar's year in review

    billion to $2.4 billion Since I began this role in 2007, ORIC has transformed the regulation of Aboriginal ... ORIC’s budget allocation has fallen by 24 per cent—from $11.014 million in 2006–07 to $8.378 million ... headcount it’s 65 people down to 50). In the face of these declines, ORIC has offered more information

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  8. Highlights

    as part of an independent review of ORIC) 96.5% of corporations met reporting requirements. (100%

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  9. ADVERT_IBA-Investment-Partnerships.pdf

    Good directors work hard, and not just during board meetings. So that the directors can make the most of their time together it’s important that directors’ meetings run smoothly. There’s work to do in setting up a meeting, preparing for the business to be

    Available at: Planning and holding directors' meetings

    Created: 24 November 2017

  10. August 2014: Independent directors

    rule book for rules about holding your AGM. For further information on AGMs, see issues of the ORIC ... ORACLE: What aspect of your previous experience have you found particularly useful as an independent ... and hold your annual general meeting (AGM) for the 2013–14 financial year. When organising your AGM

    Created: 13 August 2014