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  1. ORICMR1314-14_Special-admin-starts-BeagleBay.pdf

    ORICMR1314-14_Special-admin-starts-BeagleBay.pdf REGISTRAR PUTS CARNARVON BASED CORPORATION UNDER ... ASSISTS BEAGLE BAY STORE The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed ... the Ngarlan Store Indigenous Corporation under special administration for six months. The corporation owns

    Available at: Registrar assists Beagle Bay store

    Created: 19 November 2013

  2. Complaints involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations- 1 January to 30 June 2018

    This report provides an overview of complaints submitted to the Registrar between 1 January and 30 June 2018. It also includes comparisons to data from previous periods.

    Statistics | Created: 27 November 2018

  3. ORICMR1314-01_Fresh-start-for-Coolgaree-as-special-administration-ends.pdf

    | FRESH START FOR COOLGAREE AS SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION ENDS The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations ... a fresh start for Coolgaree,’ said Mr Beven. ‘My office will continue to monitor the corporation closely ... ORICMR1314-01_Fresh-start-for-Coolgaree-as-special-administration-ends.pdf REGISTRAR PUTS CARNARVON

    Available at: Fresh start for Coolgaree as special administration ends

    Created: 9 November 2013

  4. 16_0044_2014-15 Top 500_v2-2.pdf

    16_0044_2014-15 Top 500_v2-2.pdf 1 The top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations ... 2014–15 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations 2014–15 TOP 500 $1.88b 52.8% $3.76m ... Produced September 2016 500 2 The top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations 2014–15

    Available at: Income, assets and equity

    Created: 1 September 2016

  5. Culture, dignity and justice for wellbeing

    It's a 25-year-old champion of Koori health in Koori hands: Katungal Aboriginal Corporation ... Aboriginal Corporation Regional Health and Community Services (Katungul) was gloomy. Having provided holistic ... and culturally-appropriate wellbeing services for Aboriginal people on the south coast since 1993, the corporation

    Spotlight on | Created: 21 December 2018

  6. Special refresh for Lismore children's protector

    The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Selwyn Button, has today announced the end ... of the special administration of the Ngunya Jarjum Aboriginal Corporation. Established in 1995 in Lismore, New ... South Wales, the corporation is a designated agency under the Children and Young Persons (Care

    Media Release | Created: 12 December 2018

  7. Minister for Indigenous Affairs: First Indigenous ORIC Registrar

    the Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations, making him the first Indigenous person ... appointment as the chief corporate regulator of Indigenous corporations registered under the Corporations ... of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations,” Minister Scullion said. Minister Scullion said

    Media Release | Created: 13 December 2018

  8. Healthy corporations checklist_v4-0.pdf

    Healthy corporations checklist_v4-0.pdf iHealthy corporation checklist Contents Compliance ... with legislation and the corporation’s rule book... 1 Membership matters ... and responsibilities of directors and officers of the corporation.......... 9 Handling of related party

    Available at: Healthy corporation checklist

    Created: 22 November 2018

  9. Aboriginal housing corporation reset for the future

    The acting Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Mike Fordham, has today announced the end ... of the special administration of the Many Rivers Regional Housing Management Services Aboriginal Corporation ... board of directors appointed. In addition, the corporation won a tender for $70,000 to upgrade its

    Media Release | Created: 2 November 2018

  10. Special administrations: what funding agencies, creditors and employees should know

    special administrations under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI ... of a corporation while, at the same time, helping it to fix its problems. These problems may be short-term ... structure. The aim of a special administration is to restore a corporation to financial and organisational

    CATSI fact sheet | Created: 14 June 2013