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  1. Registrar and ACNC continue ties to reduce reporting obligations

    for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations in complying with reporting and other notification ... the same information to the ACNC. Public information reported to ORIC is shared by ORIC with the ACNC ... to ensure the public databases of both agencies are consistent and up-to-date. The underlying principle

    Media Release | Created: 8 November 2017

  2. Oracle newsletter, February 2016: INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS: can add a skill set (centre spread)

    the best sound [or outcomes for your corporation]. Get in rhythm by listening to each other. When you’ve ... they listen to each other and act in harmony.] Once you’ve got rhythm start on style—be adventurous, ... audience. You know you’re going well when others are listening and responding. [Share with members what’s

    Other publication | Created: 16 February 2016

  3. Investigations and prosecutions

    were also ordered to pay court costs which totalled $727.20. The other five corporations were all found ... v Fred Monaghan & Others—ACD22/2015 On 30 March 2015 civil penalty proceedings were commenced ... the Registrar agreed to vacate the freezing orders. The Registrar maintains a publicly available register

    Yearbook section | Created: 28 November 2016

  4. PS-04 Registration under the CATSI Act_v7-0.pdf

    CATSI Act Parts 2.2, 2-3 and 2-4 Last updated 26 March 2018 Other relevant policies PS-19: Transferring ... of property, including money obtained through grants and other funding • the requirement to keep records of its ... The CATSI Act clarifies the statutory duties of directors and other senior staff of corporations by aligning

    Available at: PS-04 Registration under the CATSI Act

    Created: 2 March 2018

  5. Oracle newsletter, May 2016:Selecting senior staff(centre spread)

    Choose the right fit ‘We’ve all heard about "missionaries, mercenaries and misfits". Corporations must have good systems to keep these people at arms-length. Real due diligence on senior staff in remote locations is a must. You might not get it

    Other publication | Created: 12 April 2016

  6. Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands

    and other students provide is exactly what a person needs to turn their whole life around: I cannot really

    Spotlight on | Created: 27 February 2018

  7. Oracle newsletter, February 2016: According to Rick

    majoring in small business management, human resources and public policy. I also have a pretty steady ... must look to each other for support and keep in mind what’s the right thing for the corporation, and do

    Other publication | Created: 18 February 2016

  8. Establishing

    an income greater than zero, the average income was $1,436,136, compared to $844,905 in 2013–14. In other ... of the public, members or creditors. Consistent with the last few years, in 2016–17 Queensland corporations were ... we have quarterly meetings with the Department of Health and the Commonwealth Director of Public

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  9. Failure to report leads to fines of $8,600

    to the Registrar for deregistration. The matters were prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public ... Director of Public Prosecutions. ‘Failing to lodge annual reports jeopardises the corporation,’ said Mr ... Annual reports indicate to the Registrar as well as members and other stakeholders that the corporation

    Media Release | Created: 26 October 2017

  10. Oracle newsletter, November 2015: Complaints and how to manage them (centrespread)

    Marlene Nampitjinpa Spencer, Chairperson of the Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (WDNWPT)—also known as Western Desert Dialysis or ‘Purple House’ (ICN 4236)—at Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) in Western Australia, near

    Other publication | Created: 13 November 2015