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  1. Forms for registering

    The following information is for groups who want to become a corporation registered under ... the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). To lodge a complete application, ... a corporation is to apply online. If you have a lot of members, it's definitely easier. You can also lodge

    Created: 6 June 2013

  2. ORICMR0910-05_APServices_v1-0.pdf

    ADMINISTRATION EXTENDED FOR APY LANDS ABORIGINAL CORPORATION The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony ... Aboriginal Corporation until 31 March 2010. The Registrar placed the corporation under special administration ... earlier this year. This decision was made after an examination of the corporation’s books identified

    Available at: Period of special administration extended for APY lands Aboriginal corporation

    Created: 12 June 2013

  3. ORICMR1213-24_Court-orders-wind-up-of-Mt-Liebig-store.pdf

    CORPORATION UNDER SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 | 32 Corinna Street, Woden ACT 2606 ... the winding up of the Amundurrngu Mt Liebig Community Store (Aboriginal Corporation). Mr Nicholas Cooper ... of BRI Ferrier was appointed as liquidator. The corporation was established in 1987 to own and operate

    Available at: Court orders wind up of Mt Liebig store

    Created: 11 June 2013

  4. JOB2013-10_ICN289_CEO_JobPackage.DOCX

    WIRRIMANU ABORIGINAL CORPORATION (ICN: 289) Applicant Job Package Position: Chief Executive Officer ... Applications close: 8th November, 2013 WIRRIMANU ABORIGINAL CORPORATION (ICN: 289) Chief Executive Officer ... the position and Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation. Advertisement Job Description Selection Criteria (Please

    Available at: Chief executive officer

    Created: 19 November 2013

  5. ORICMR1213-25_Registrar-obtains-further-convictions-for-non-lodgment.pdf

    corporation asks for Registrar's help PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 | 32 Corinna Street, Woden ACT 2606 ... corporations have recently been convicted and fined for not lodging their annual returns for the 2010–11 ... financial year. Five of the corporations are located in Queensland, four in the Northern Territory and one

    Available at: Registrar obtains further convictions for non-lodgment

    Created: 11 June 2013

  6. response_to_ATSIC_Review.pdf

    of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations to the Review of ATSIC The Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal ... Corporations (ORAC) has had the opportunity to review the recommendations of the independent Review ... to corporations or individuals associated with corporations about specific corporation matters. The training

    Available at: The ATSIC Review

    Created: 25 June 2013

  7. ORICMR0910-10_Burringurrah_v1-0.pdf

    ABORIGINAL CORPORATION HANDED BACK TO MEMBERS From today the members of the Burringurrah Community Aboriginal ... Corporation will regain control of their corporation. The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, ... is pleased to announce that the special administration of the corporation has come to an end. Burringurrah

    Available at: Remote WA Aboriginal corporation handed back to members

    Created: 12 June 2013

  8. ORICMR1011-17_Uncertain-future-for-Diwurruwurru-Jaru_3.12.10.pdf

    corporation asks for Registrar's help PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 | 32 Corinna Street, Woden ACT 2606 ... Aboriginal corporation is uncertain after it came out of special administration today. Diwurruwurru-Jaru* ... Aboriginal Corporation was incorporated in 1992 and operated the Katherine Language Centre in the Northern

    Available at: Uncertain future for Diwurruwurru-Jaru

    Created: 12 June 2013

  9. Senior Administration Officer/Senior Support Services

    JOB ADVERTISEMENT Kal'ang Respite Care Centre Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 2716) Kal’ang ... Aboriginal Respite Care Centre is a registered not-for-profit Aboriginal corporation that is funded ... responsibilities as well as Corporate Services budgetary control. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

    Created: 19 November 2013

  10. GIS specialist

    JOB ADVERTISEMENT Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 21) The Kimberley Land ... Council Aboriginal Corporation (KLC) is an association of Aboriginal people in the Kimberley region. ... will be a core member of the Information and Knowledge Management team (Corporate Services) they will

    Created: 19 November 2013