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  1. Summary-of-regulatory-prosecutions-for-2011-12-and2012-13-annual-returns_v3-0.pdf

    Summary-of-regulatory-prosecutions-for-2011-12-and2012-13-annual-returns_v3-0.pdf Summary ... of regulatory prosecutions for failure to lodge 2011-12 and 2012-13 annual returns Summary of regulatory ... prosecutions for failure to lodge 2011−12 reports No. ICN Corporation name State Court Date conviction Fine 1.

    Available at: Registrar obtains further convictions for reporting breaches

    Created: 9 March 2016

  2. Registrar and ACNC continue ties to reduce reporting obligations

    the same information to the ACNC. Public information reported to ORIC is shared by ORIC with the ACNC ... for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations in complying with reporting and other notification ... obligations. A key component of the MOU is a commitment to reporting once, using often. Aboriginal and Torres

    Media Release | Created: 8 November 2017

  3. Income, assets and equity

    In this section ‘total assets’ refers to current and non-current assets combined, as reported ... at $1,150,841 while the Northern Territory was the highest at $5,041,508. Figure 9: Annual average growth rate ... an average annual growth rate of 2.0 per cent for the last decade. This was much lower than all other

    Top 500 report section | Created: 29 May 2017

  4. ORIC yearbook 2016–17

    Although not required by legislation to produce an annual report, the Registrar believes ... of ORIC. ORIC has also contributed to the 2016–17 annual report of the Department of the Prime Minister

    Yearbook | Created: 8 November 2017

  5. The top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations 2015–16

    This is ORIC's ninth report on the top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ... corporations. It collates and compares a range of data provided by corporations as part of their annual ... reporting. The link below right takes you to the next section, or you can use the list of contents

    Top 500 report | Created: 7 November 2017

  6. Highlights

    as part of an independent review of ORIC) 96.5% of corporations met reporting requirements. (100% ... in Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt) Half of all web visitors search the public register, i.e. do a ‘search

    Yearbook section | Created: 15 December 2017

  7. Benefits flow from top 500 success

    The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, today released his ninth annual report ... and Torres Strait Islander corporations as part of their annual reporting requirements under the CATSI Act. ... the growth is less than the 8.2 per cent reported in the previous year. The 10-year average annual growth

    Media Release | Created: 7 November 2017

  8. ORIC yearbook 2014–15: Performance reporting | Investigations and prosecutions

    Annual reporting prosecutions—various corporations During 2014−15 prosecution action was finalised ... against 16 corporations for failing to lodge their 2012–13 annual reports with the Registrar. Corporations ... their reporting obligations; the Registrar also concluded two major civil actions, one minor civil action and one

    Other publication | Created: 13 October 2015

  9. Corporate publications

    Printed versions of most publications are also available from ORIC on request—call 1800 622 431 ... (freecall except for mobiles) or email Corporate publications Business approach ... 2017–20 Performance reporting ORIC performance measurement framework Yearbooks Snapshot of ORIC External

    Created: 6 June 2013

  10. ORAC annual report 2001–02

    Yearbook | Created: 14 June 2013