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  1. ORICMR1112-11_More non-compliant corporations face court.pdf

    and Torres Strait Islander corporations fulfil their reporting obligations under the CATSI Act. In 2010–11, ... of the five corporations were fined by the courts. Medium and large corporations registered under ... the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) are required to submit a general

    Available at: More non-compliant corporations face court

    Created: 11 June 2013

  2. ORIC10_11_Yearbook_initiatives.pdf

    corporations registered under the CATSI Act. Corporations were ranked according to their income for 2008–09. ... to the CATSI Act in 2008. To support the transition, the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations and ORIC staff ... on Every month ORIC features a good news story on its website about a CATSI Act corporation. ORIC

    Available at: ORIC yearbook 2010–11

    Created: 13 June 2013

  3. JOB2014-03_ICN7333_solicitor_unrestricted.docx

    and abuse victims. Able to work autonomously and self manage under guidance from the Principal Legal ... and other public forums – 7 per office per annum Objective 5: Review and Evaluate the Operations of AFLS

    Available at: Solicitor (either restricted or unrestricted)

    Created: 10 April 2014

  4. JOB2014-02_PAMS_ceo_job_description.pdf

    and staff work plans while managing work priorities. POSITIONS/FUNCTIONS UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION The CEO ... of laws and regulations governing the activities of a publicly funded health service provider. Have

    Available at: Chief executive officer

    Created: 10 April 2014

  5. Liquidation

    to work out why the corporation failed and identify any possible misconduct and report to the Registrar

    Created: 17 March 2014

  6. Administration officer

    Corporate business support Full time $70,000–80,000 per annum Immediate start Interviews will be held ... competing duties, work under pressure and to deadlines Must have own transport and the ability to work

    Created: 7 June 2013

  7. ORICMR1314-34--Pilbara-medical-service-has-strong-vitals.pdf

    CORPORATION UNDER SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 | 32 Corinna Street, Woden ACT 2606 ... placed PAMS under special administration after an examination by his office revealed some concerns about

    Available at: Pilbara medical service has strong vitals

    Created: 2 June 2014

  8. INFOsheet_Disqualification-of-directors_May2008.pdf

    who are disqualified from managing corporations under the Corporations Act 2001 are also disqualified ... disqualify people from managing corporations (without seeking a court order) under some circumstances, ... that a person is disqualified depends on why they were disqualified. The Registrar and the court have the power

    Available at: The rule book—info kit

    Created: 24 June 2013

  9. 14_0089_Job advertisement for LAAC_independent directors_v0-4.pdf

    Artepe  have background and expertise in one or more of fi nancial management, public administration

    Available at: Independent directors

    Created: 14 May 2014

  10. Independent directors

    or more of financial management, public administration or business management have experience

    Created: 14 May 2014