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  1. ORICMR0910-10_Burringurrah_v1-0.pdf

    | Ph: (02) 6219 7624 | Fax: (02) 6281 2739 | Email: | REMOTE WA ... Australia. The corporation provides municipal services for the community under several funding agreements. ... accounting system with training for local staff • secured funding for municipal service delivery

    Available at: Remote WA Aboriginal corporation handed back to members

    Created: 12 June 2013

  2. ORICMR1213-33_atsic.pdf

    431 | Fax: (02) 6133 8080 | Email: | MOUNT ISA HOUSING CORPORATION ... administration at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Welfare Services. Mr Beven said he ... service to both members and tenants. The right policies and procedures are in place so that the new board

    Available at: Mount Isa housing corporation rebuilt

    Created: 11 June 2013

  3. JOB2014-02_PAMS_ceo_app_form.pdf

    SERVICE ABORIGINAL CORPORATION Position Applied for: Chief Executive Officer Given Name: Family Name:

    Available at: Chief executive officer

    Created: 10 April 2014

  4. 1999-2000annrpt_content.pdf

    • improves, through the provision of advisory and client services, the performance of Aboriginal corporations ... of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations through compliance and enforcement action under the Act; ... services) on behalf of an Aboriginal community. A minimum of 10 adults living in a particular area may apply

    Available at: ORAC annual report 1999–2000

    Created: 14 June 2013

  5. Chief executive officer (CEO)

    by emailing This page includes information supplied to the Registrar by others, therefore

    Created: 15 May 2014

  6. JOB2013-08_ICN7460_manager.pdf

    UMOONA TJUTAGKU HEALTH SERVICE ABORIGINAL CORPORATION ICN 7460 POSITION VACANT Drug and Alcohol Manager ... specialist Alcohol and Other Drug Services to the clients  The clinical competency in the management ... in the local Aboriginal community.  The development of clinical service models for the Drug and alcohol

    Available at: Drug and alcohol manager

    Created: 19 November 2013

  7. Drug and alcohol manager

    JOB ADVERTISEMENT Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 7460) 7am, ... to deliver culturally sensitive specialist alcohol and other drug services to the clients the clinical ... and misuse in the local Aboriginal community the ability to develop clinical service models for the drug

    Created: 19 November 2013

  8. ORICMR1314-27_Regulatory-prosecutions_v1-0.pdf

    (02) 6133 8080 | Email: | REGISTRAR SECURES FURTHER CONVICTIONS ... immediately. Background The list of 23 corporations prosecuted is available at www.oric ...—Summary of regulatory prosecutions for failure to lodge 2011−12 reports. Media contact Lisa Hugg (02) 6146 4738 ORIC

    Available at: Registrar secures further convictions

    Created: 30 March 2014

  9. JOB2013-05_ICN3563_WYDAC_PD.pdf

    and development throughout the Warlpiri region. The Program challenged a generation destroying itself through ... Youth Development Aboriginal Coporation (WYDAC), provides a positive framework through Mt Theo ... Program, WYDAC Trainer and Warra-Warra Kanyi Counselling Service in which young people can grow strong

    Available at: Youth development worker (two positions, male and female role)

    Created: 7 June 2013

  10. JOB2013-07_ICN1902_OM_ad.pdf

    JOB2013-07_ICN1902_OM_ad.pdf Operations Manager Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation ... UMUWA BASED APY LANDS FOCUSED Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation is an Anangu-run ... organisation that provides services across the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in north-west

    Available at: Operations manager

    Created: 15 November 2013