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  1. Gallery coordinator

    to the Centre’s art gallery and its associated programs, including touring exhibitions, publications

    Created: 15 December 2016

  2. Invitation to comment on proposed regulation amendment

    Amendment of CATSI Regulations to recognise the Institute of Public Accountants The Australian ... of Public Accountants (IPA). This amendment would enable members and fellows of the IPA to undertake audits ... been released for public comment. Reasons for proposed amendment The proposed amendment would bring

    Created: 5 May 2014

  3. Registrar secures more prosecutions for failing to lodge

    agencies and the public,’ said Mr Beven. ‘This prosecution program is an important tool in ensuring ... of Public Prosecutions. A complete list of all the Registrar’s prosecution outcomes is available

    Media Release | Created: 7 March 2016

  4. 16_0043_ORIC_yearbook_2015-16_v1-0_(overview_p1-6).pdf

    years my office has been focused on a strategy of increasing public confidence in the standard ... corporations. Strong compliance rates ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is stored in the public ... of corporations, as well as funding agencies and members of the public, can at any time access a range

    Available at: Overview

    Created: 29 November 2016

  5. The Sunrise Way

    in the day-to-day work of staff but as a key element in our public relations campaigns at the several community

    Spotlight on | Created: 27 April 2016

  6. 16_0043_ORIC_yearbook_2015-16_v1-0_(business_plan).pdf

    functions, ORIC’s aim has been to increase public confidence in the standards of corporate governance

    Available at: Business plan 2015–16

    Created: 29 November 2016

  7. 16_0043_ORIC_yearbook_2015-16_v1-0_(about_oric_p7-12).pdf

    inform corporations, their directors and members as well as the general public about: • how the Registrar ... • Client and corporation communications • Publications and product distribution • Internet and intranet

    Available at: About ORIC

    Created: 29 November 2016

  8. 16_0043_ORIC_yearbook_2015-16_v1-0_(accountablity).pdf

    and the Information Publication Scheme. Since 2007–08 requests to the Registrar under the Freedom of Information Act

    Available at: Accountability

    Created: 29 November 2016

  9. August 2016: It’s your corporation—get involved (centrespread)


    Created: 1 August 2016

  10. ZZ42_2015_09112015.pdf

    third newsletter to you since m y appointment as the special administrator o f Katungul Aboriginal ... and there are more matte rs to tell you about since my last newsletter. Staffing Until 30 June 2012 Jon Rogers will ... a repayment plan with the bank. (special administrator appointed) NEWSLETTER May 2012, issue 3 ORIC produces

    Available at: FOI ZZ42/2015

    Created: 19 September 2016