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  1. Corporation meetings

    in their rule book how often their directors' meetings will be held. ORIC recommends that directors meet

    Created: 6 June 2013

  2. Sub201A.pdf

    of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations (ORAC) which are placed on the Public Register, including a list

    Available at: Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Indigenous Affairs

    Created: 25 June 2013

  3. Corporate governance

    it properly and effectively with the help of management and staff. ORIC is developing ways to help ... As part of this help, ORIC examines corporations from time to time, to ensure they are run properly

    Created: 6 June 2013

  4. Sample interview questions-for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corps.pdf

    (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. It is not legal advice and ORIC disclaims any liability ... arising from its use. People using this document may seek further assistance from ORIC or obtain other ... of Indigenous Corporations, PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606. Produced by ORIC November 2010 First edition ISBN

    Available at: Sample interview questions

    Created: 28 June 2013

  5. PS-07_Exemptions_v6-0 (2).pdf

    by the public—section 658-5(e). 3 Exemption from the minimum number of members requirement 3.1 A corporation must have

    Available at: PS-07 Exemptions

    Created: 14 June 2013

  6. PS-10 Corporations_ native title status_v4-0.pdf

    PS-10 Corporations_ native title status_v4-0.pdf PS-10 Corporations' native title status Corporations’ native title status Policy PS-10: Corporations’ native title status Relevant legislative provisions CATSI Act Part 3-4 Last updated 4 February 2013

    Available at: PS-10 Corporations' native title status

    Created: 14 June 2013

  7. About the CATSI Act

    Act 2001. Back to top Other laws for incorporation ORIC has prepared a table listing key features

    Created: 6 June 2013