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  1. 17_0068_Oracle_resolutions_v1-0web.pdf

    As a general guide the corporation’s members should be involved in making decisions about very important

    Available at: Making decisions

    Created: 27 September 2017

  2. Job_advert--Senior_Guide.pdf

    Job_advert--Senior_Guide.pdf Page 1 of 2 POSITION VACANT- SENIOR GUIDE (INDIGENOUS FULL TIME) ... and Responsibilities: The primary role of a Senior Guide is to ensure that Lirrwi’s customers enjoy a high quality ... cultural tourism experience in safety and comfort. Outside of tour activities, the Senior Guide will

    Available at: Senior guide

    Created: 17 May 2016

  3. Job_advert--Seasonal_Guides--Drivers.pdf

    Job_advert--Seasonal_Guides--Drivers.pdf POSITIONS VACANT- SEASONAL DRIVERS-GUIDES Lirrwi Tourism ... and Responsibilities: The role of the seasonal driver-guides is to boost Lirrwi’s operational capacity during the busy

    Available at: Seasonal drivers guide

    Created: 17 May 2016

  4. Senior guide

    Professional development and training as appropriate The primary role of a senior guide is to ensure ... activities, the senior guide will provide support to the operations cordinator as required. The snior guide

    Created: 17 May 2016

  5. Seasonal drivers guide

    JOB ADVERTISEMENT Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation Lirrwi Tourism was established in 2010 to develop, support and promote Yolŋu tourism in Arnhem Land. Its main objective is to create a new economy for Yolŋu people in Arnhem Land through touri

    Created: 17 May 2016

  6. Making decisions

    in a corporation have the power to make decisions on behalf of the corporation. As a general guide

    Created: 26 September 2017

  7. Former Githabul director pleads guilty

    and adjourned the matter to 4 April 2017 for a sentence hearing. The Commonwealth Director of Public

    Media Release | Created: 7 February 2017

  8. ORIC yearbook 2014–15: Performance reporting | Reporting and registration

    on the public Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations. As at 30 June 2015 there were 141 ... notices and messages on the ORIC website reminders in ORIC publications direct communication by email, ... or funding may be found in the Corporation reporting guide at Increasing the pool of eligible

    Other publication | Created: 13 October 2015

  9. Stronger than ever, together

    In November 2016 the corporation held a public meeting and discussed applying for registration as a registered

    Spotlight on | Created: 22 February 2017

  10. 17_0079_Dispute-resolution_web-A4.pdf

    the corporaƟ on holds land 6. the corporaƟ on has a large number of members 7. there is a public interest ... rule book on the ORIC website? Use ‘Search for a corporaƟ on’ (this searches the public register), put

    Available at: Dispute resolution

    Created: 17 September 2017