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  1. ZZ52_2015_04122015.pdf

    to the following: 2. A copy of any and all documentation detailing the number of times (broken down by financial ... to the following: 3. A copy of any and all documentation detailing on What (sic) probity, transparency

    Available at: FOI ZZ52/2015

    Created: 19 September 2016

  2. ZZ46_2015_03122015.pdf

    and relevant acquittance documents. • all insurance policies • personnel and payroll records including: ... • notification of the corporation’s taxation status from Australian Taxation Office • any other documents ... relevant to the functions of your corporation (eg. contracts, trust documents etc). You are legally

    Available at: FOI ZZ46/2016

    Created: 19 September 2016

  3. FOI NH01/2013

    NH01/2013 27/03/2013 Documents regarding the liabilities and deregistration of Dharah Gibinj ... Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation 08/01/2016 Multiple documents NH01_2013_21022013.pdf ... NH01_2013_24022013.pdf NH01_2013_27032013.pdf Multiple documents (242 pages) partly released with appropriate redactions.

    Created: 7 January 2016

  4. FOI FM01/2012

    FM01/2012 02/09/2012 All funding, compliance, financial and audit documents regarding Yindjibarndi ... Corporation, and documents regarding Philip Davies 08/01/2016 Multiple documents FM01_2012_31082012_Part 1.pdf ... FM01_2012_31082012_Part 2.pdf Multiple documents (488 pages) released with appropriate redactions. Documents containing

    Created: 7 January 2016

  5. Finance manager

    resources functions. For a full description please see the responsbilities document attached under

    Created: 5 September 2016

  6. Chief executive officer (CEO)

    the responsbilities document attached under 'more information'. For more information phone Samantha Ryder

    Created: 5 September 2016

  7. Healthy corporation checklist

    links to important template documents and forms your corporation can use. Each question has a tickbox ... documents are available in Word. How to use the checklist To see the whole checklist, select the expand all ... of the AGM? 26. A number of documents should be tabled at an AGM. At your last AGM did you table a:- general

    Created: 6 June 2013

  8. Transferring from other legislation to the CATSI Act

    Islander corporation and lodge forms, documents and reports —unlike other regulators that may charge a fee ... ORIC's freecall number 1800 622 431 (not free from mobiles) or email Related documents

    Created: 6 June 2013

  9. Freedom of information (FOI)

    Your rights Documents available outside the FOI Act How to make a request Where to send your FOI ... gives any person the right to access copies of documents (except exempt documents) we hold ask ... or misleading seek a review of our decision not to allow you access to a document or not to amend your personal

    Created: 6 June 2013

  10. Applicant Information Summary (v2.2).pdf

    citizen? YES NO (Please circle) If “NO” (Please attach a copy of documentation confirming eligibility ... / / NOTE: This document must be signed by the applicant An application pack including a position description ... 2nd September 2016 NOTE: If you do not provide all required documentation you may not be considered

    Available at: Chief executive officer (CEO)

    Created: 23 August 2016