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  1. ORICMR1314-14_Special-admin-starts-BeagleBay.pdf

    or 0417 806 532 18 November 2013 Stuart Reid (08) 8941 3122 or 0416 248 104

    Available at: Registrar assists Beagle Bay store

    Created: 19 November 2013

  2. TheOracle-issue10_sept08.pdf

    1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 New feature on our website— Corporation extract report A new feature to extract

    Available at: September 2008: Go online

    Created: 20 June 2013

  3. PS-12_Registers and use and disclosure of information held by the Registrar_v5-0.pdf

    in the course of the performance of a duty of the Registrar or the exercise of a power of the Registrar—section ... administrator of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation in the course of performing a function ... policy—protected information 10.10 The Registrar may use or disclose protected information in the course

    Available at: PS-12 Registers and use and disclosure of information held by the Registrar

    Created: 14 June 2013

  4. ORICMR1314-07_Cloncurry-corporation-back-under-special-admin.pdf

    appointed as the special administrator of the corporation between 18 July 2011 and 9 December 2011. Media

    Available at: Cloncurry corporation back under special administration

    Created: 9 November 2013

  5. Disclaimer

    necessarily reflect the views of the Commonwealth or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action.

    Created: 6 June 2013

  6. JOB2009-10_Burringurrah.doc

    from them. The CEO will: Assist in the training of directors and interested members in appropriate ... training and development. Manage all other human resource requirements for the corporation including

    Available at: CEO

    Created: 28 June 2013

  7. Pathways to community control.pdf

    and sustain functioning service provision and greater health gain. 18 Pathways to Community Control ... to 18 months. 2. Consolidation Stage In the consolidation stage work begins to build the capability ... partnerships and alliances with relevant stakeholders. The Forum partners believe this is an important feature

    Available at: Gurriny Yealamuck—good healing

    Created: 18 June 2013

  8. TheOracle-issue16_Feb10.pdf

    the volunteer directors will complete cross-cultural and community development training with ICV. They will also ... development training with ICV. They will also attend a briefi ng session run by ORIC on the CATSI Act and,

    Available at: February 2010: Good record keeping

    Created: 20 June 2013

  9. TheOracle-issue29_May.pdf

    3 For more information Top right: CAAC board members in training. Bob Turner (standing) ... governance training specifically tailored to the corporation’s needs—one of the many advantages

    Available at: May 2013: Directors at the helm

    Created: 19 June 2013

  10. ORICMR1213-06_top500.pdf

    featured in the top 10 corporations. Page 2 of 2 PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 |32 Corinna Street, Woden ACT

    Available at: Encouraging picture emerges for top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations

    Created: 11 June 2013