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  1. Establishing

    revisions to guidance such as policy statements; and themes for ORIC Oracle newsletters. Engage stakeholders ... of the public, members or creditors. Consistent with the last few years, in 2016–17 Queensland corporations were ... cent of complaints, even though they represent 23.4 per cent of all corporations. Develop policy

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  2. Freedom of information (FOI) and the Information Publication Scheme (IPS)

    CATSI Act) in Policy Statement 15 Privacy. Also see the Registrar's privacy statement. ... page. Information Publication Scheme The 2010 reforms to the FOI Act included the introduction ... of the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) which requires Australian Government agencies subject to the FOI Act

    Created: 6 June 2013

  3. About the Registrar

    on 12 November 2017. Statement of expectations and statement of intent As a result of the Review of the Corporate ... their expectations of agencies and then the agency will respond with a statement of intent which details how ... they will fulfil the minister's expectations. Statement of expectations from Minister Scullion (2017)

    Created: 6 June 2013

  4. Letter- Statement of expectations

    Act, ORIC has published a number of policy statements on its public website to ensure consistency ... to receiving your statement within two months of the date of this letter. In the interest of public ... accountability, both of these documents will be made public. This statement will be reviewed as circumstances

    Created: 17 October 2013

  5. Statement of intent from ORIC

    Other publication | Created: 1 July 2013

  6. Induction matters

    include: Vision statement – In the long view, where is your corporation headed? Core values or guiding ... Duty statement and work plan – What is the new person’s role? Are there clear goals for their work? ... Policies and procedures   – What standard ways of working does the corporation have? Attitudes

    Created: 22 January 2018

  7. PS-04 Registration under the CATSI Act_v7-0.pdf

    registration in and out of the CATSI Act POLICY STATEMENT 04 Policy: PS-04: Registration under the CATSI Act ... this policy statement 1.1 The purpose of this policy statement is to provide information about the benefits ... and the registration process. 1.2 This policy statement also outlines the circumstances in which the Registrar may

    Available at: PS-04 Registration under the CATSI Act

    Created: 2 March 2018

  8. Duty Statement.docx

    Duty Statement.docx Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre Duty Statement- Manager/CEO- May ... AND OPERATIONAL Be responsible for effective operational systems and policies. Maintain and develop strategic ... opportunities for staff, trainees, Directors and artists. Keep policies and procedures up to date and ensure all

    Available at: Art centre manager

    Created: 2 October 2015

  9. Reporting and registration

    public Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations. It’s a requirement under the CATSI ... confidence that information maintained by the Registrar on the public Register of Aboriginal and Torres ... in ORIC publications Following-up of key groups and specific sectors, such as RNTBCs and corporations

    Yearbook section | Created: 25 November 2016

  10. 17_0055_Oracle- understanding finance_v2-0_web_lo-res.pdf

    financial management • Plan what your corporation can afford to do—prepare a budget. • Set policies ... help with reports call 1800 622 431 (not free from mobiles). Overdue reports? Policies and procedures ... policies and procedures to safeguard against over-spending, and to prevent errors and fraud. For example:

    Available at: How your money story flows

    Created: 17 May 2017