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  1. Free services through ORIC

    provides access to a range of free or pro bono services. ORIC recruitment assistance —provides help ... As well as support and assistance by phone, email, regional officers and training activities, ORIC ... and guidance through the process of recruiting for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations looking

    Created: 17 March 2014

  2. Supporting

    Strait Islander corporations. Calls are free from fixed line phones. ORIC aims to immediately answer all ... recruitment assistance ORIC recruitment assistance (ORA) provides help and guidance through the process ... supporting corporations to follow a clearly defined process with established guidelines. The service is free

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  3. TheOracle-issue17_May10.pdf

    encourage all ORIC organisations to take advantage of the free training we provide. ‘It’s also a good ... corporations. ‘ORIC has responded by providing a new mediation and dispute resolution service to assist ... 622 431 (not free from mobiles). website: freecall: 1800 622 431 (not free from

    Available at: May 2010: All aboard ORIC training

    Created: 19 June 2013

  4. May 2010: All aboard ORIC training

    corporate failure can be downloaded from or call ORIC freecall 1800 622 431 (not free from ... encourage all ORIC organisations to take advantage of the free training we provide. ‘It’s also a good ...     MAY 2010 All aboard ORIC training ORIC offers training to help improve the skills of members,

    Created: 19 June 2013

  5. TheOracle-issue27_Nov12.pdf

    advice? Got a legal problem? LawHelp is a free service run by ORIC in partnership with some of Australia’s ... getting better November 2012 ‘Offering a free door-to- door transport service is a great help to our ... community members,’ says RivMed’s CEO, Selena Lyons. ‘Without the free bus service many would find it almost

    Available at: November 2012: Health services getting better

    Created: 20 June 2013

  6. November 2012: Health services getting better

              CONTACT ORIC: Freecall 1800 622 431 [not free from mobiles] | Email CHECK US OUT ONLINE: ... © 2012 ORIC November 2012: Health services getting better November, 2012 ... Strait Islander) Act 2006 provide some kind of health service to their community. Of these 66

    Created: 20 June 2013

  7. Service-charter_2009_v3-1.pdf

    Service-charter_2009_v3-1.pdf Our client service charter What you can expect from ORIC ... and dispute resolution services. Who we are © Commonwealth of Australia 2009 Published by ORIC, July 2009 ... Services that ORIC provides Good manners • We will treat you with courtesy and respect. • We will listen

    Available at: Service charter

    Created: 2 December 2016

  8. Accountability

    of the outcome within 20 business days in accordance with our service standard. In 2016–17 ORIC received five ... of legal services expenditure by ORIC for 2016–17 and provided in order to comply with paragraph 11.1(ba) ... the Registrar’s website includes an information publishing plan for ORIC and a freedom of information (FOI)

    Yearbook section | Created: 21 December 2017

  9. Support services

    director y Where skill meets need ORIC’s newest free service is an online matching system to help ... as of course Brisbane, easier direct access to ORIC services. Viaella has provided corporate governance ... of the inter-government cooperation, corporations are able to access ORIC services without really any difficulty.’ Over

    Yearbook section | Created: 28 November 2016

  10. Bawinanga special administration ends

    releases at (ORICMR1213-17, ORICMR1213-30, ORICMR1314-02 and ORICMR1314-29). Media contact ... Christa de Jager (02) 6146 4737 ORIC MR1314-37 30 June 2014

    Media Release | Created: 30 June 2014