Corporate publications

ORIC performance measurement framework

Our performance measurement framework describes how we measure the value of the work we do. We focus on measuring outputs, outcomes and regulator performance.

Published: May 2017

ORIC case categorisation and prioritisation model

This case categorisation and prioritisation model describes the decision-making process that takes place within ORIC to select, categorise and prioritise matters, and the principles according to whixh those decisions are made.

Published: May 2017

ORIC strategic risk framework

Our strategic risk framework describes our risk processes, from the information we collect and how we use it to evaluate risk priorities, through to planning meaningful measurable responses. The framework helps us to identify where and how to focus our resources.

Published: May 2017

ORIC regulatory approach

Our regulatory approach sets out our regulatory mission, why we need to regulate, our approach to regulation, and how this is informed by risk.

Published: May 2017

ORIC strategic plan 2017–20

Our strategic plan provides an overview of our strategic priorities for the next three years.

Published: May 2017

ORIC corporate plan 2017-20

The corporate plan details our focus over the next three years, outlining our strategies for achieving our purpose and how we will measure our success.

Published: May 2017

Regulating Indigenous Corporations

In September 2016 the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet commissioned KPMG to conduct a review of the CATSI Act and ORIC. The product of the review was a report finalised in December 2016, Regulating Indigenous Corporations.

The purpose of the review was to inform considerations of how the Registrar can most effectively support the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations to maintain good governance and strong financial management, as well as any amendments to the CATSI Act required to meet this objective.

The overall assessment in the report of the review is that ORIC is doing a good job in the context of a challenging regulatory environment. There are many positive features, but also opportunities to enhance ORIC’s contribution to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation are well governed.

This report is also available from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet's website.

Published: December 2016

Snapshot of ORIC

This graphically illustrated document highlights the activities and achievements of the Registrar’s office (ORIC) since the introduction of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) on 1 July 2007 through to 30 June 2016.

It includes data on registration and regulation activities, as well as support services provided. It also shows ORIC’s productivity improvements to streamline the administration of the CATSI Act.

Published: October 2016

Who we are, what we do

This corporate brochure gives a brief overview of ORIC's key areas of regulatory activities and service delivery—who we are and what we do.

Published: November 2015

Strategic plan

ORIC's strategic plan sets out our business directions, priorities and key areas of focus for 2014–17.

Published: August 2014

Service charter

ORIC's service charter sets out the standards of service our clients can expect and the steps they can take if these standards are not met.

Published: July 2009