Viaella Aldridge looks after the Southern Queensland region from the Brisbane office. Here, she shares some reflections on the value of training, as a facilitator and as a delegate to a conference.

Viaella Aldridge, Brisbane

Viaella Aldridge, regional officer and Northern Kaanju woman


In February 2017, Jennifer Reuben, the Cairns regional officer retired after more than three years supporting corporations across the north Queensland regions.

Ray Lennox, Cairns

Ray Lennox, regional officer and Erub (Darnley Island) man

Coffs Harbour

Staff of the Coffs Harbour office, Christian Lugnan and Blanche Saunders, look after corporations in New South Wales. (Christian also manages ORIC’s Brisbane and Cairns offices.)

Christian Lugnan, Coffs Harbour

Christian Lugnan, regional manager and Gumbaynggirr man


The Registrar’s functions include supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations to succeed and promoting good governance.

Provide corporate governance training

ORIC delivers corporate governance training to corporations that are either registered under the CATSI Act or planning to be. The training supports good governance and works to:


We provide a process for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations to register, and maintain a register of information and documentation to ensure transparency of their operations.


The Registrar is responsible for administering the CATSI Act. This involves creating a sustainable regulatory framework to give effect to the legislation.

We set standards for good governance, identify and manage risks, and conduct research and analysis to understand where there are patterns of issues that need to be addressed. We provide information to government, corporations and the wider community about the performance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector.


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