Geographic spread

Geographic spread of the top 500 corporations

Figure 2: Geographic spread of the top 500 corporations, 2014–15

Map of Australia showing the number and percentage share of top 500 corporations in each state/territory.

As shown in figure 2, the Northern Territory had the most corporations in the top 500 in 2014–15 (165 corporations, making up 33.0 per cent of the total 500).

The other three geographic jurisdictions with a large number of corporations in the top 500 were Western Australia (127), Queensland (95) and New South Wales (66). This order of ranking has remained unchanged since 2012–13.

Figure 3: Changes in the number of the top 500 registered corporations by state/territory, 2013–14 to 2014–15

Figure 3 is a column graph showing the difference in the number of 500 corporations in each state/territory compared to the previous year.

The number of corporations in the top 500 changed for all states/territories from the previous financial year except for the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania (figure 3). Queensland saw the biggest decline in corporations in the top 500, with eight fewer. In contrast nine more corporations based in Western Australia moved into the top 500.