Easier interactions with ORIC

photograph of online.oric.gov.auRevising the register and online services

We are planning to overhaul the IT system underlying the Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations. Our highest priority is to make it easier for corporations to interact with us and meet their legal obligations.

First step—a better understanding

Before we start rebuilding the system, we are keen to gain a good understanding of what you want:

  • when you lodge information—as a director, contact person/secretary or other person that directors have authorised
  • when you access your corporation's information—as a logged-in member, director, contact person/secretary
  • when we share your information—on the Public Register

Some aspects are set by the legislation, but there's a lot of scope to adapt the system to better serve your needs.

To that end, we have engaged PWC Indigenous Consulting to help us learn more about your experience interacting with the Register. As well as conducting several one-on-one interviews with people from corporations across the spectrum (of size, remoteness, accesssibility and so on) they have made a short survey so that anyone who has used the public register or the online lodgment portal can help improve ORIC's online services—in under ten minutes.